mardi 3 septembre 2013

into the battle !

Graphite pencil

The hairy summoner

Graphite pencil.

Pending the shower

Graphite pencil.

My little monsters

The future homesickness...

All I can tell you most is just watching the world around you with less selfishness and see how urgent it is to react ...

Graphite pencil.

Dopey Inca...

Blue and black pencil, markers, and color pencil.

Tea or cofee darling ?

Blue pencil.

Alpha wolf and his minions

Markers ans black graphite pencil

Characrer doodle 2

Graphite pencil

Simple happiness...

Someone can die next to me... I dont care ! This song is so raaaaad !

Blue pencil

Character doodle 1

Blue pencil

American warrior doodle

Blue pencil and markers